Subaru SWOT Analysis 2024 – Toyota Motor Corp.

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SWOT Analysis Of Subaru analyzes, Japanese automaker Subaru is an automotive brand known for making all-wheel drive standard across most of its lineup, including the Impreza, Cross trek, and Ascent. Many of its vehicles also get solid safety ratings. One of the most significant achievements of the company is the existence that is its Subaru Global Platform which integrates all the departments of the company, trying to implement the best practices whenever feasible. Subaru has an annual turnover of Y=3,325.992 and has produced about 1,065,000 vehicles in 2017.

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The 6 stars which are part of the Subaru logo refer to Taurus which can be spotted quite easily in Japan during the night.

A company was founded in Japan in 1953, In the early 1950s, a collection of Japanese companies joined to form Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. Its automotive division came to be known as “Subaru,” which is a Japanese word meaning “unite.” In 1954, the first Subaru car was unveiled. Subaru is the automobile segment of the auto conglomerate Subaru Corporation that has businesses in various areas like aviation and industry products as well as the automobile industry. Subaru Automobiles is present in over 80 countries around the world , and they produce and sell SUV’s as well as sedans and their most popular brands include Impreza, Legacy, Cross back, Forester, Outback, BRZ, WRX etc.

This can only be achieved through a firm with extensive knowledge, experience, and innovative strategies. To determine the strengths of the company potential, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, it is necessary to conduct a SWOT analysis by Subaru.

Subaru At A Glance – Subaru SWOT Analysis

Company: Toyota Motor Corp.
Founders: Kenji Kita
Year of establishment: 15 July 1953
CEO: Tomomi Nakamura
Headquarters: Shibuya City, Tokyo, Japan
Employees (Dec 2020): 35,240
Ticker Symbol: FUJHY
Type: Public
Annual Revenue (Dec 2020): Yen¥492.6 Billion
Profit net income (Dec 2020): Yen¥29.5 billion

Products & Services: Automobiles | Commercial Vehicles | Financial Services | Automobile Repair

Company Website:

Top Subaru Competitors 

Competitors: Hyundai | Toyota | Honda | Nissan | Volkswagen | Jeep | Ford | Mazda | Brembo | Kia | Mazda | Kawasaki | Changan | Dongfeng Motor | BAIC | Mitsubishi | Hummer

Subaru SWOT Analysis – SWOT Analysis Of Subaru

SWOT Analysis Of Subaru analyzes the brand based on its strengths weak points, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. With Subaru SWOT Analysis it is clear that the advantages and disadvantages are internal factors, while threats and opportunities are external elements. Here we are going to talk about Subaru SWOT Analysis. Below Is The Detailed SWOT Analysis Of Subaru.

Subaru Strengths – Subaru SWOT Analysis

1. Market Management for the US: Most of the automobile manufacturers around the world do their best to establish an advantage on the American market, and Subaru is a thriving model on the market. The company has had greater number of numbers of sales over BMW, Mazda in addition to Volkswagen.

2. Clean Segmentation: Subaru has been in search of a clear segmentation and has been doing so because their vehicles are designed for long drives and rough terrains the typical customer is enthusiast of outdoor activities and is physically active. Subaru has also been a popular choice among rally drivers.

3. Cars that are feature-rich: Just like most other Japanese car makers, Subaru also makes superior cars with features rich. Subaru’s cars are durable, reliable and high in performance as well as fashionable and distinctive.

4. The latest technology sophisticated Brand: Subaru makes technically advanced cars that have a lot of emphasis placed on safety while driving. Some of the technologies employed in this article include Eyesight Technology, Adaptive Cruise Control Pre-Collision Braking Lane Departure warnings, etc.

5. Resell value high: The aftermarket for cars is very strong across the USA and this trend has shifted to other countries, too. This implies that the resale value the vehicle is an essential element when a consumer is deciding to pick one vehicle over the other. Subaru is a high-resale value and is a well-known manufacturer in the used cars market. This makes Subaru more popular among consumers.

6. The high Brand loyalties: The brand loyalty is very high among Subaru customers and this is why the number of repeat customers is significant for the company. The most important reason is the comfort and safety of Subaru vehicles. Subaru automobiles. Subaru cars also rank highly reliable and offer great driving ease.

Subaru Weaknesses – Subaru SWOT Analysis

1. Issues with certification: Subaru was forced to remove around 25000 vehicles from the marketplace due to issues with certification and testing. The reason given by Subaru was that they didn’t have certified technicians to perform the tests.

2. The increase by 5% in the volume of sales: Subaru has experienced an abrupt increase on the amount of clients, and even with the current facilities and capabilities for production,, it will be difficult to cope with the increasing need. There is also the need for more research in order to comprehend requirements of the customers better. There is also a need for a larger service network.

3. Repositioning: The company is trying to change its position and has received feedback from customers that customers are finding uncomfortable seating and legroom is not enough. The company has made improvements to these points and is trying to make the change more popular through focusing its attention on these aspects in its promotional campaigns.

4. Dealer relations: The company is trying to keep its dealers on the same page and must focus on developing a connection with them. The company is trying to motivate dealers more effectively and tie their rewards to sales at each dealer, which is turning out to be costly for the business.

Subaru Opportunities – Subaru SWOT Analysis

1. High potential for market for small vehicles: Subaru currently has cars in the sedan and SUV segment, but there isn’t much presence in smaller automobiles. But markets for compact vehicles is on the rise as per the recent research, which suggests it is an opportunity which the company is able to capitalize on.

2. The changing preferences of customers: Customers are now willing to pay for better features and services. Carmakers must be aware of the demands of the customers, in addition to knowing features of the product specifications and cater to them, which will provide new opportunities for monetization.

Subaru Threats – Subaru SWOT Analysis

1. Competition: The primary opponents of Subaru include brands such as Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Chevrolet, Renault and Ford. Subaru is also subject to a small degree of rivalry from regional players within each of the locale markets.

Subaru SWOT Analysis Overview Template

Subaru SWOT Analysis Overview Template

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