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Kimberly-Clark SWOT Analysis examines the brand’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats based on its strengths weak points, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. When you look at Kimberly-Clark’s SWOT Analysis, the strengths and weaknesses are internal factors, while opportunities and threats are external elements.

Did You Know? 

The company has boosted its dividend in each of the last 44 years, with the most recent annual raises weighing in at 5.4% this year and 4.5% in 2016. That puts the company ahead of P&G, whose latest two dividend increases were 3% and 1%.

SWOT Analysis is an established management technique that allows an organization such as Kimberly-Clark to evaluate its performance and business against its rivals. Kimberly-Clark is among the top companies that operate in the FMCG sector.

The table below outlines information about the Kimberly-Clark SWOT (Strengths and weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) and the Top Kimberly-Clark competitors, and also its market target segmentation, positioning, and its Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

Kimberly Clark At A Glance – Kimberly Clark SWOT Analysis

Kimberly-Clark SWOT Analysis

Company: Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Founders: John A. Kimberly | Havilah Babcock | Charlis B. Clark | Franklin C. Shattuck
Year of establishment: 1872
CEO: Michael D. Hsu
Headquarters: Irving, Texas, United States Of America
Employees (March 2020): 40,000
Ticker Symbol: KMB
Type: Public
Annual Revenue (Dec 2020): US$19.1 Billion
Profit net income (Dec 2020): US$2.352 Billion

Products & Services: Baby Care Products | Facial Tissue | Adult Care | Feminine Care | Family Care | Kimberly-Clark Professional Products

Company Website: Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Top Kimberly Clark Competitors 

Competitors: Unilever | Clorox | Lanco Infratech | Procter & Gamble | Edgewell Personal Care

Kimberly Clark SWOT Analysis – SWOT Analysis Of Kimberly Clark

SWOT Analysis Of Kimberly Clark analyzes the brand based on its strengths weak points, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. With Kimberly Clark SWOT Analysis it is clear that the advantages and disadvantages are internal factors, while threats and opportunities are external elements. Here we are going to talk about Kimberly Clark SWOT Analysis. Below Is The Detailed SWOT Analysis Of Kimberly Clark.

Kimberly Clark Strengths – Kimberly Clark SWOT Analysis

  • The portfolio includes market-leading products, such as Kleenex, Scott, Huggies, Kotex, and Depend
  • Continuous investment in new products and marketing
  • The strong performance of personal care products has contributed to the growth in the top line
  • More than 40,000 employees. is included in the Fortune 500 companies and has a presence in 175 countries
  • A strong supply chain that is efficient and a solid management team
  • The company has taken on the responsibility of providing corporate donations, product donations, and voluntary efforts to help victims of catastrophes that are occurring all over the world.
  • A lot of money is invested in sustainability, with products that are made of sustainable wood fiber Recycling of packaging, etc.
  • Strong marketing and advertising strategy for all its products will ensure an unbeatable brand image

Kimberly Clark Weaknesses – Kimberly Clark SWOT Analysis

  • Intense competition results in a limited market share growth
  • Products that are fake and that are sold under the brand name can lead to brand discoloration

Kimberly Clark Opportunities – Kimberly Clark SWOT Analysis

Kimberly-Clark SWOT Analysis Ad Poster

  • Potential for growth online of its products
  • Growing customer demand for natural and organic products
  • The rising importance of emerging markets and a stronger their presence in China and Russia
  • The acquisitions and alliances could assist the company in expanding its business operations across the globe

Kimberly Clark Threats – Kimberly Clark SWOT Analysis 

  • A prolonged recession in Europe will impact its business
  • Fierce competition between FMCG firms to capture market share in the consolidated markets
  • The threat comes from private label products that are less expensive than Kimberly-Clark products

Kimberly-Clark SWOT Analysis Template 

Kimberly-Clark SWOT Analysis Template

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