Doing Bookkeeping on Your Own? 3 Pros, Cons and Mistakes to Avoid

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Every business begins with a single or a small group of individuals, and it keeps growing with time and success. At the beginning of your venture, you may consider taking the bookkeeping responsibility into your hands by doing all the financial jobs.

But is it good if you take this step and burden your shoulders with all such operations? There will be good as well as bad things. It is quite not easy to handle everything without making any mistakes. If you have decided to bookkeep your accounts by yourself, you must know about the benefits, cons and mistakes that you can possibly make.

Anyone taking such a big step for a company must determine how one will be relieved and what issues he will face. You can only expect to do some of the things by making mistakes. It will happen, and you must be prepared for it. When you determine all your flaws, it will be easy to stop yourself from making basic mistakes.

Mistakes to Avoid


1. No Professional Help

Every small-scale business owner does not have enough budget to hire an expert accountant to handle the expenses of a company. In the beginning, the number of transactions is also less; hence, you may feel it is wrong to hire a person.

But without any financial knowledge, one can make several mistakes in handling your company’s financial department. When required, you must get help from accountants Winnipeg. You can avoid making financial mistakes by hiring an expert and paying a reasonable amount to him.

2. Not Keeping Receipt Record

While running any company, you must pay all the official taxes to get enough returns for all the expenses. It is quite possible if you keep all the receipts and submit them when required.

Many company owners make a mistake by not keeping the records; hence, they do not receive a return on their annual taxes. If you cannot keep the bills handy, you can operate any software to scan and store all the receipts on your computer.

3. Mixing Personal and Business Financial Expenses

It is necessary to handle all the personal and company expenses separately. If you mix them, you cannot handle your accounts appropriately. At the end of the year, you cannot find whether you have earned profits or not.

You may require to realize the money you spend from your personal side for your company. In this way, all your finance calculations will go wrong and ruin your company funds budget.

Pros of Bookkeeping by Yourself


1. Easy to Learn the Process Better

At the beginning of your company, one can easily understand and handle everything by themselves. One can easily manage money to determine how much they are spending and receiving.

When a person has all the information, he can easily make significant financial decisions for your company. One can organize and manage the company’s finances as a professional bookkeeper. You will maintain books and keep them clean and tax-free.

2. Save Money

If you cannot hire an expert accountant, you can save money. But you are required to operate all the operations yourself. One can use any perfect accounting software and do all types of official tasks without any professional help.

To pay tax, you must update the expense report once or twice a week, and it will consume less time. By using affordable accounting software, you can save too much money by avoiding giving salaries to an expert.

3. Execute All the Operations in Your Way

As a bookkeeper, you can execute all the operations in a way you like. You must make all the decisions, and no other person can interfere.

You know what you are doing and can easily manage things well. With the help of software, you can expect to get professional assistance. But overall, you can do all the work by yourself in whatever way you like.

Cons of Doing Bookkeeping on Your Own


1. Need to Learn a Lot

As a newbie, it is not simple to bookkeep company accounts by yourself without any knowledge of finances. You must do plenty of research and learn different things. It may take a lot of time because you have to grab the details from all the online available sources.

If you cannot simply learn from accessible sources, then you need to pay separately to get training. You must get training from a financial expert and learn all the things about bookkeeping.

2. Consumes Too Much of Your Time

Your tasks will increase when your company starts growing, and you must dedicate plenty of time to it. Even if you use software, it takes time to understand and operate different features for your work.

The number of transactions will also increase, and you must clean the book daily instead of weekly or monthly. A professional can handle this job quicker than a non-professional.

3. Chances of Making Several Mistakes

At some point, you may get burdened with too much work that you require help managing properly. Later, one will make several mistakes, and it can lead to financial loss.

Many times, you cannot afford silly mistakes in your business. It is better to get professional help by hiring an expert for your small business.

The Bottom Line


It is okay if you have decided to bookkeep your company account. But pros, as well as cons, will be there if you do so. You must determine the mistakes you can make while doing this job. If it is beneficial to work alone, then one can also face difficulties and fail many times.

As per your budget, you have planned to do this job. But when your company grows rapidly, there is a need to hire an accountant expert to manage all the problems. You must make better decisions to handle your company’s finances wisely. Getting enough information about bookkeeping will help you decide whether you can do it alone or not.