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Comcast SWOT Analysis Analyzes, Comcast Corporation (Comcast) is a media and technology company. Comcast’s service portfolio encompasses cable services, video services, Voice over Internet Protocol and high-speed internet services. It offers these cable services through local broadcast stations, national broadcast networks and national and regional cable networks, as well as government and public access programming. 

Did You Know?

In February 2014, Comcast settled a deal to purchase the second largest cable television provider, Time Warner Cable for US$45 billion.

Comcast company also provides broad range of entertainment, communication products and services such as Theme Parks. It offers its services under its own brand Xfinity. The company serves small and medium-sized businesses, residential and commercial customers. It has business presence in the US, Europe and Asia. Comcast is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the US.

This can only be achieved through a firm with extensive knowledge, experience and innovative strategies. To determine the strengths of the company potential, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, it is necessary to conduct a SWOT analysis by Comcast.

Comcast At A Glance – Comcast SWOT Analysis

Company: Comcast Corporation
Founders: Ralph J. Roberts | Julian A. Brodsky | Daniel Aaron
Year of establishment: 28 June 1963, Tupelo, Mississippi, United States
CEO: Brian L. Roberts
Headquarters: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Employees (Dec 2020): 190,000
Ticker Symbol: CMCSA
Type: Public
Annual Revenue (Dec 2020): US$103.56 Billion
Profit net income (Dec 2020): US$10.5 Billion

Products & Services: Broadband | Broadcasting | Cable television | Digital telephone | Direct-broadcast satellite | HDTV | Home security systems | Internet

Company Website:

Top Comcast Competitors 

Competitors: AT&T | Dish Network | Charter Communications | The Walt Disney Company | Verizon | Liberty Global | Netflix

Comcast SWOT Analysis – SWOT Analysis Of Comcast

SWOT Analysis Of Comcast analyzes the brand based on its strengths weak points, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. With Comcast SWOT Analysis it is clear that the advantages and disadvantages are internal factors, while threats and opportunities are external elements. Here we are going to talk about Comcast SWOT Analysis. Below Is The Detailed SWOT Analysis Of Comcast.

Comcast Strengths – Comcast SWOT Analysis

  • Automating processes has resulted in consistency of quality for Comcast Corporation products and has allowed the company to increase and decrease its capacity according to the demands on the marketplace.
  • Experienced track record of successfully merging and integrating companies through mergers and acquisitions. It has successfully merged a variety of technology firms over the past few years in order to reduce its operational costs and create an efficient supply chain.
  • Proven track record of creating innovative products and services.
  • A Strong Brand Portfolio Through the years, Comcast Corporation has invested in creating a brand portfolio that is strong. A SWOT assessment for Comcast Corporation just underlines this fact. This brand portfolio is extremely beneficial when the business is looking to enter various new categories of products.
  • A high level of satisfaction with customers The company through its dedicated department of managing customer relationships is able to attain the highest level of satisfaction from its existing customers and an excellent brand image among prospective customers.
  • Highly skilled and skilled workers through effective educational and training programmes. Comcast Corporation is investing huge resources into the development and training of its employees. This results in employees who are not only skilled but also motivated to strive for more.
  • Solid Free Cash Flow Comcast Corporation has strong free cash flows, which allow for funds to the company to invest in new ventures.
  • Very successful in the Go to Market strategy in its merchandise.

Comcast Weaknesses – Comcast SWOT Analysis 

  • The ratio of profitability and Net Contribution percentage from Comcast Corporation are below the industry standard.
  • The amount invested for Research and Development is below the top performers in the field. While Comcast Corporation is spending above the average of industry Research and Development, it hasn’t been able to compete with the top competitors in regards to technological innovation. It is portrayed as an established business that is eager to releasing products that are based on the proven features on the market.
  • Days inventory is very high compared to competitors, which makes the company seek out more capital to invest into the channel. This could affect the long-term growth of Comcast Corporation
  • It is not very proficient in forecasting demand for products, which results in a more missed opportunities compared to its rivals. One of the reasons the inventory levels are high relative to its rivals is the fact that Comcast Corporation is not very proficient at forecasting demand and will result in greater inventory both inside the company and in the channel.
  • The organizational structure can only be in line with the present business model, thereby limiting expansion into other product categories.
  • Insufficiently successful in the integration of firms that have a different culture. As we mentioned before, although Comcast Corporation is successful at the integration of small companies, it is not without its fair share of failures when it comes to merging companies with a different workplace culture.
  • More investment is needed in new technologies. Due to the magnitude of the expansion and the different regions the company plans for expansion into Comcast Corporation needs to invest more into technology to improve the processes across all departments. The investment currently in technology isn’t at level with the goals of the company.

Comcast Opportunities – Comcast SWOT Analysis

  • New customers have joined the online channels – In the last few years, Comcast Corporation has invested a huge amount of money in the platform online. This investment has opened a new channels for sales to Comcast Corporation. In the coming years, Comcast Corporation will be able to profit from this opportunity by understanding its customers better and addressing their needs with large data analysis.
  • Environmental policies that are new – These opportunities will result in an equal the playing field to participants in the market. It is an excellent possibility to Comcast Corporation to drive home its advantages in the field of technological advancements and gain sales share within the emerging product segment.
  • The latest trends in consumer’s behavior can create a new markets for Comcast Corporation . This presents a fantastic chance for the company to create new income streams and expand into different product lines as well.
  • The new tax policy could profoundly alter the ways of conducting business. It could also create new opportunities for established companies such as Comcast Corporation to increase its profits.
  • The steady flow of free cash gives the opportunity to invest in other product segments. If there is more money in the bank, the company is able to invest in the latest technologies and also in new product categories. This will open a new window of potential in the future for Comcast Corporation in other product areas.
  • Government green drive also offers the possibility of buying Comcast Corporation products by the government, as well as Federal government agencies.
  • The opening of new markets through government agreements – the adoption of a new technological standard and the government’s freedom of trade agreements has given Comcast Corporation an opportunity to join a new market that is emerging.
  • Lower inflation rate. The low inflation rate creates more stability to the market, permit credit at a lower rate for clients from Comcast Corporation.

Comcast Threats – Comcast SWOT Analysis

  • The shortage of skilled workers in certain markets around the world is an obstacle to the an increase in profits that is steady of Comcast Corporation in those markets.
  • An increasing trend of isolationism within the American economy may trigger similar reactions from other governments which could negatively affect international sales.
  • Stable profit has increased the number companies operating in the sector over the these two years. This has resulted in a downward pressure not only on profitability but also on sales overall.
  • Since the company operates in a variety of countries, it is subject to fluctuations in currency, especially due to the unstable political climate in a many markets around the globe.
  • The demand for high-profitable products is seasonal and any unpredictability during peak seasons could have an impact on the profits of the company in the short to medium-term.
  • The rising cost of raw materials could pose danger to Comcast Corporation profitability.
  • New environmental regulations in the Paris convention (2016) could pose the threat to some existing product categories .
  • Laws on liability in different countries differ in each country. Comcast Corporation may be exposed to liability claims based on changes in the policies of those markets.

Comcast SWOT Analysis Template 

Comcast SWOT Analysis Template

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